Saturday, November 1, 2014

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Sometimes there are decisions in life that none of us really want to face.  Our family has some of these and we always face them together.  One of my decisions just today was to make a post, (perhaps some of you were able to see it), but then make the decision to remove it.  I chose to remove the post because after some thought and re-reading it, I decided it sounded more like airing the dirty laundry of my family than a written thought process to a decision that is difficult to make.

We, my daughter and I have to make a decision as to whether to continue to homeschool my grandson or not.  He really, really does not want to go back to public school, but he is a bit young to be allowed a lot of weight in this decision. I mean after all he is only 7.  He is a twice exceptional young boy who also happens to be extremely headstrong.

While I have enjoyed teaching him, he is becoming more difficult to handle at my age and my daughter just can't do it because of the type of schedule she works.   We have tried adding another person to the mix; a friend of my daughters who is exceptional with him.  He adores her and she does manage him quite well, however there are other things to consider.  One, she is not consistent enough, for instance, 'little man' has just spent the last 3 weeks without any Spanish instruction, science or math other than what I could pull together for him at the last minute.  Two, she has not followed my request for what he is being taught for example,  I have an Autumn lapbook that he was really excited to start and she has yet to even open the materials, rather she decided he needed to know about the scientific method, theory and development of a hypothesis.  She spent two days on this subject and proudly announced "He has got it, he is so quick."  Well yes he is, however when we put it to the test with a quiz, he failed miserably and then was left with horrible feelings of failure.

For him to continue to feel like he is a failure is unacceptable to me so I think at least that part of the decision is made, she will no longer be a part of the "homeschool".  We will have her do things with him that are hands on that she is also keenly interested in such as photography and art.  These however, will not be considered classes or "schoolwork" but just a fun day off with a friend. .

Whether I continue or not is still undecided..  I want our relationship to remain strong and loving and at the moment that is suffering.  Little man is very emotional and stubborn as well as confrontational when he is not getting what he wants and I am just not sure that I can handle much of that anymore.

Thanks for listening.  If you have suggestions for how to handle errant tutors or assistants and/or headstrong, twice exceptional children, I would be all ears.

Have a blessed day.