Our Story

I hope that you will enjoy reading our blog.  I am sure that this blog as our homeschooling will progress and get better and better as we move along.  At least that is my hope.

First let me be blatantly honest with you.  This blog will be off-the-cuff writing.  I tend to ramble sometimes and I am not checking my grammar as I go, so if you are looking to read the most well written, concise blog, then this is not the place for you.  However, if you are looking for honesty and truth about homeschooling and our particular issues and how we handle them regardless of how it is written, then by all means, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and a danish or something and let's get to know one another.
Let me introduce myself.  My name is Pam, however, to my grandson and for this blog I am 'Mimi'.  I retired somewhat early from the real estate business simply because I was tired of the rat race and trying to convince people to purchase a home that was not worth the asking price or to rent a home that was on the market for more than it was worth simply because it was what someone thought they should get. I was also very tired of hearing people tell me why they could not pay on time or at all until I finally said, "you know what, tough cookies, most everyone is in the same boat and we all have to try to figure it out and work 2 jobs to survive because we all have to live somewhere and we all have families to take care of." That was when I decided it was time for me to get out.  I spent my savings trying to live until I could find other work but that was not to be.  I am now 61 years old and apparently I am not employable or at least not as good a candidate as the 20 somethings, but that is okay.  I'm good with that because I knew that God had something planned for me.  I have always looked to God for guidance and He has not failed me yet.  So my daughter and I took a leap of faith and decided that it was just time for me to stay home and do whatever made me happy which I had already begun a few years ago, designing and creating handcrafted jewelry and I have now added quilling and my beloved crochet to the mix among other things. So that is me in a nutshell, if you want to know more, just ask, I don't mind.

Then there is my daughter Leia.  She works and she creates mosaics when she has time.  She is a single mother to the most adorable 5 year old little boy.  We live together and have since before 'little man' was born and now I simply can't live without him so this is where we are.

Of course the center of this family is that adorable 'little man' Jaeden.  Jaeden is 5 years old and was tested as extremely gifted at the age of 4.   He is also extraordinarily ADHD.  To toot his horn a bit, he walked before he was 1 year old and spoke in complete and mature sentences, I guess by the time he was about 2 and was reading before age 4.  He is very very hyper, at time aggressive and even sometimes belligerent.  I am told that this is all part of being gifted as well as the ADHD.  Many tell me the ADHD symptoms are just part of being so gifted.  I don't know, I am not a psychologist, I do know that he can be difficult to keep up with and I spend the wee hours of the morning researching and looking for material that will interest him and challenge him.

Jaeden was placed in the gifted program in the public school system when he began Kindergarten and it became obvious very quickly that there was going to be problems.  Everyday we heard from the teacher, "he won't do his work," or "he won't stay in his seat", "he just roams around the room", "he just takes books off the shelf and sits and reads" and the best one of all, "why does he only choose non-fiction books". Then came the problem of his behavior when they tried to force him into their mold.  He was having no part of it. We had meeting after meeting and were continually told that he was being placed with the school counselor for socializing skills and behavior training.  What?  We were not seeing any of this behavior at home. What we did notice is that he would not talk about what was going on at school.  We would ask, "how was school today/"  The response we got was "OK".  "What did you do today?"  response - "nothing interesting'>  Finally, one day he told us "stop asking me that, school is school and home is home, school is over now, so let's just go home."  He loved PE and recess and going to music class and art classes. As we moved along through the next couple of months, we began to notice a pattern of behavior from the teacher and realized to our astonishment that this teacher just simply did not like this child and she wanted him medicated.  Well we got him medication and it does help for about 3 hours a day, but we don't like it,so unless we absolutely have to we don't use it.

So we made the tough decision to pull him out of the public school system and homeschool him.  It was a tough decision only because I had been of course brought up in the traditional structured public school system and therefore so had my daughter.  We did this at the end of November and I have been pulling my hair out trying to keep up ever since.  Bottom line, this child was bored to tears in the classroom and has since succeeded in completing kindergarten lessons and 99% of what many websites say that a kindergartner should know, about 95% of 1st grade level work in all areas except Science and Social Studies (my fault not his) as well as having completed approximately 85% of as above what the websites say a 1st grader should know.  Now we move around, some days we review 1st grade material just to make sure he is retaining and then on to 2nd and 3rd grade level work in Language Arts and Math.  Other subject areas we study as his interest determines.

I am struggling to figure out what to teach him and when, but I am getting better.  It is a struggle  for me NOT to try to teach like I was taught.  I am moving more toward teaching what he is interested in and using those interests to incorporate grammar, math and other areas.

So I think I touched on all of us and everything that we do.  Like I said before, if you want to know something ask.  If you have suggestions, by all means post them in the comments section.  I am always open to getting help from other homeschoolers because most of you have been at this a lot longer than I have.

I will have another post shortly on some of the sites that I visit and some of the material that I have found that is helpful to me and to Jaeden.  Most of them are FREE.  We have not purchased any set curriculum and really don't intend to.  We make purchases of items that we feel might be helpful and a few books but that is about it.

Let me know your suggestions.  I am all ears.

Til we meet again, Be Blessed and remember God is with us.



  1. I knew your name from Homeschooling Around the World, now I feel as if I know you. I'm looking forward to hearing more about you and your grandson's homeschooling journey. Blessings, betty jo

  2. Thank you and I look forward to getting to know you as well.


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