Friday, October 10, 2014


Ok, admittedly, I have been MIA for sometime now.  I am sorry, I know that I have lost subscribers due to this, unfortunately it was unavoidable.  I am back now and the first thing I would like to do is sing some praises.

First of all, we all read other blogs all of the time, right?  Well I am no different, sometimes I have time to read a bit of all of them and sometimes I can only read a few.  I follow so many that it is difficult to keep up sometimes.  But today I especially want to sing the praises of two bloggers.

Raising Lifelong Learners by Colleen Kessler.
Adventures in Mommydom by Ticia. (sorry I don't have her last name) but that's ok she is a great blogger and has great ideas.

Colleen is the mother of 4 gifted/twice exceptional children so what she says always makes sense.  Not to mention that she also has a masters in gifted education, taught gifted students as well as being a gifted intervention specialists in the public school system.  She has written dozens of books and often does video conferencing where she and others answer questions of other moms and homeschooling grandparents (me) about things that we just don't have enough information on.

Her blog, Raising Life Long Learners is always informative and there is never  blog that you won't learn something.  She often also answers questions and blogs on the issues we have with gifted and/or twice exceptional children.  I know that I, for one and truly grateful for the information she shares.  I have realized as I attempt to teach my gifted twice exceptional 7 year old grandson, that even though I did not realize it, I have been dealing with this issue for for over 30 years.  With my "little man" and the issues that face him as he moves along, I realize that my own children were also very much like him, we just did not know it at the time and testing etc was not done so much back then. We did have my son tested by the counselor at the school he was attending and though they indicated that he did not test as gifted we realized that he had a photographic memory.  He could read something or look at something once and never forget it. To me this is indeed gifted, just different.

Colleen, thank you so much for your invaluable information and your patience with all the questions that you receive from all of us. May God bless you for all that you do and provide for so many people.

Ticia of Adventures in Mommydom also is  a special blogger that I read.  Why?  Well because she endures much of the same thing that I do and admits readily that "the apples did not fall far from the tree" (my words) when she says that her children are active, she means active and I have one of the same type children (grandchild).  My daughter was the same, she talked all the time, could not shut her up and she was always on the move.  Her son, my loving little man is exactly the same but much more so.  He is also gifted, well considered twice exceptional I guess you would say and teaching him is difficult on the best of days.  Perhaps I am just too old for this anymore, LOL.  But I gain a lot of insight and information from Ticia on her blog Adventures in Mommydom.  For instance, I just saw a great post on Earth's layers and how she introduced it to her children. Thanks Ticia.

I just wanted to introduce you to these two bloggers today, in case you have not met them already, though I can't imagine that.  

Stay tuned for others as I continue to highlight the bloggers and homeschool moms who inspire me and keep me motivated to continue when I would otherwise give up. 

Thank you to both of these wonderful ladies and thank you for taking a moment to read this blog.  Please leave comments for anything that you would like me to specifically cover and I will be happy to do the research and post about it.

Be Blessed


  1. I agree, both Ticia and Collen are awesome bloggers. :)

    1. Thanks Renee. I am trying but not nearly as good as they or you for that matter. Time is always an issue


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