Thursday, June 12, 2014


This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis.

Hi, as you all know I am grandmother to a gifted 6 year old that I also homeschool while his mother works to handle the financial responsibilities.  So, for two years now I have homeschooled this child and have had advice from all sorts of professionals as well as other homeschooling moms about how to handle and teach this gifted child who just can't sit still.

He has been to the doctor and has been diagnosed as having ADHD and has medication that is supposed to help him with this issue.  The medication does work, it calms him down, slows him down and basically turns him into a different person.  I don't like it. So I keep reading and searching for other answers.

First of all, I find that I must just learn to deal with some things.  I don't like a lot of noise; this child screeches and makes all sorts of sounds for no apparent reason.  I don't like to hear toys or other things being banged on the floor or other furniture; this child does it all the time.  I don't like jumping and running and horseplay in the house; this child does it all the time. First thought was DISCIPLINE.  Being a strong disciplinarian by nature, this was of course the first avenue of endeavoring to get this child to (behave) sit still for 10 seconds. I tried this for nearly a year.  Doesn't work, not even close. So at my wit's end, I give him the medication and we get through the work for the day.  But I still search.

This is what I found.  I read a blog about why children fidget.  This article was so well thought out and written that it made a believer out of me, but I did more searching and found that it is corroborated in many places.  You can click on the link and see for yourself.

So I let this child move.  Try to minimize inside (we have a small house) because the vibrations of hardwood floors sometimes topple things over. This seems to be working great.  He is more often ready to sit down and listen, as long as he knows that I am going to let him get back to it within a few minutes.  I keep our "still" time down as low as I can, sometimes 15 minutes or less.  Why not right?  We have all day to do what we need and if it does not get done today, who cares, there will be another day, that is what homeschooling is about, making education of your child fit the child.

I hope this has enlightened some of you, if not then you were ahead of me already.

Have a blessed day.


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