Monday, June 9, 2014

Made It Through Our Second Year

Well, we have completed all of our testing.  He did really well.  We don't usually do many "tests" and I rarely give a grade on his work, but this last few months he has asked more often  "How did I do?" so I decided to do end of year testing and give him grades for the work.  We did Math, Language Arts and some specific Reading Comprehension.  We have also worked on his spelling for the last few weeks a bit more than normal because I noticed that he could spell some words that I just pulled out of my own vocabulary, yet there were second grade level words he was missing.  So I just quiz him on occasion to keep this in the forefront of his mind.  He was misspelling words that he sees on a daily basis.  I am not sure why this is happening, when we talk about it, he says it is because the spelling does not make sense to him.  "Too many letters that just don't belong there."  So I have given him some examples of Italian, Greek and Hebrew languages to look at and explained that our English language is derived from these languages and/or a combination of them.  This seems to help him understand but he would still rather spell them the way they sound.

So now that the testing is over and we have 6 weeks of free time.  What to do?  Well we are going to take a short boat ride up one of our many rivers to check out the wildlife, dolphins, turtles, birds, etc.  He is excited about that.  He also wants to go back to the Marine Science Center for some time with one of the young people who work there for some "conversation".  A trip to North Carolina is also planned, as well as a trip to LegoLand and hopefully Sea World as well.  And of course, there is the water park, which he loves.

So what is up with everyone else for the summer.  I hope that you all have a wonderful summer vacation. We will be back to the school year on August 1 and "little man" will be entering the world of 3rd grade.  He is sort of excited, but also a bit hesitant.  His words were "But, Mimi, isn't it the work going to be harder?"  Actually, not, as he has already been doing some of that level already.

Good luck to all and Happy Summer Days!!!  I'll be around with posts about our travels and perhaps lots of photos.

Oh, I almost forgot, we also are going to be rearranging our classroom/craft room so that he has a bit more room for some art projects and science experiments.

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