Thursday, May 15, 2014

Loving & Learning

As you all know, I homeschool my grandson, now working on ending up our second year.  I think it has been a wonderful year.  We have had ups and downs and lots of meltdowns, but I am learning more and more about this child and how he thinks.

I have chosen to simplify our lives a bit but using more online activities and less worksheet type learning.  He does have a workbook for some things and a friend comes by and teaches him Spanish, but we have become a bit more relaxed and we do NOT have school on the days that his mom isn't working.

As we progress however, I let a lot of things fall by the wayside.  We don't do much history, science, geography or social studies.  Concentrating on math and grammar and spelling and of course vocabulary has been our priority.  Since he "hates" math and writing, I found that Khan Academy and Adapted Mind have been phenomenal sites for him to master the math skills and he enjoys it.  Getting him to learn his multiplication, well that is a whole other ball game..

Today we did get in a bit of history on ancient Romans.  He found it very fascinating that in reading about families and how they lived that they often ate "peacock brains" and 'flamingo tongues".  Yuck, right?

Dealing with this highly gifted, twice exceptional child has been a true learning curve for me.  First there are they typical challenges, ADHD, highly gifted, an only child and living in an area where there are very few children for him to get to know or have play time with.

The one thing that I think that I learned over the past two years that is most important is that my grandson learns by asking questions.  I can ask him questions all day long and generally the response I get is "I don't know." or "I don't remember." but then within seconds he is asking me questions, hundreds of questions and through those questions, I get to teach him vocabulary, spelling, grammar and even some history and science.
So all in all, I think we are getting to the point we need to be.

After his experience in public school, I was not sure if I could ever get him back on track and interested in learning again and truthfully, he does still tell us and our friends, that he does not want to learn. That terrified me at first, but now what I really hear is "please help me learn my way".

I want to thank all who have given me insight and listened to my woes and I promise I will be there for you as well.

Look for my blog to become more and more efficient, less wordy (right) and hopefully more helpful to everyone.

Be blessed