Thursday, February 13, 2014


Seasons, I love seasons and I am very hopeful for this next season of my life.

My apologies to those who have been checking for updates and news of our little homeschool family here. I have been on a forced hiatus. I am not completely back yet, but hopefully soon. On November 13 my life changed forever. Thanks be to God that he sent his angels to protect me. While on my way for a long overdue dinner out with my BFF, I wound up in the middle of a police chase. The folks the police were chasing just simply came out of nowhere. I never even saw the car, no even realize that we had crashed until I came to with paramedics trying to figure out how to get me out of the car without moving my left arm. All I knew was that I was in pain, so much so that I kept losing consciousnesses. The accident had crushed my left elbow and shattered the humerous bone so now I have a steel plate and numerous pins and screws hold my bone together. Thank God. It totaled my car and they had no insurance, they got out of their car and ran, one of whom ran into a nearby house that just happened to belong to a retired police officer who held him for the police.

In everything that happened that night and since I have bones that refuse to heal, an arm that is shorter than the other one and that I will never be able to use normally again. The doctor has just now allowed me to type at all. I am not allowed to do any of my crafts, jewelry making, beading, crochet, nothing which meant that Christmas gifts that were in progress are still just that, in progress because I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than single sheet of note paper nor could I if I wanted to. But be that as it may, I am happy and blessed because I am alive.

If I could tell you all one thing that you should take from my experience, it would be this, no matter how old your car is or how serious your financial situation, NEVER, EVER discontinue your collision on your auto insurance. I did to save money and it cost us dearly. I was left with thousands upon thousands of dollars of hospital bills and no way to get another auto for my daughter to get to work. We are blessed with many wonderful friends who stepped in to make sure that she got to work and home.

My "little man" was wonderful and made sure I took my medications on time everyday and that I had to move only if I needed to for personal care. He was kind, considerate and loving throughout. As with most children however, this began to take a toll on him. Never being able to go outside or to the park and just being cooped up inside with an injured grandmother has worn on him a lot. He now has outbursts of anger and tantrums over school work that has to be done. This will go away when things begin to improve. But for now we do very little school work and most of what we do is verbal, but he has grown beyond his 6 years and sometimes wonders why he is so different.

I tell him God made him special because He knew that he would be needed in a special way throughout his lifetime. Right now he is just happy that my daughter was blessed with enough money for a down payment on a car and that he can actually get to go to the park and to church again, so life is improving even if my arm is not and that is a blessing in itself.

I will learn to live with the handicap and have learned to do a lot already from that same BFF that I was headed out to see. You see she had a stroke 15 years ago that left her with a paralyzed left arm and I have watched her for years and took lessons from what I have seen and it has made things much easier for me to accomplish many of the things I need to do. I am blessed, the accident taught me many things, the things I can't do, well they don't matter so much and the things I can do bring me more joy. I learned that there is joy in life no matter what you are going through and that trusting in the Lord is the only way to true happiness

I am starting a new journey in a couple of weeks. Though I read my Bible almost everyday, I am signed up for the 3030 challenge of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Study (not just read) the Bible for 30 minutes every day for 30 days. My life will change, of that I am sure. It will change more than it has already been changed and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me. I invite you to visit Joyce Meyer Ministries website and join the challenge with me at Come on, let's get studying.

Thanks for listening and thanks for continuing to check in for updates. I will be back soon with hopefully many new ideas and information for everyone from homeschooling to walking with God.

Take care and be blessed.

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