Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Bit of Housekeeping

I have decided to rearrange my blog page and add a page to make it easier for everyone to find what they may be looking for.

All blogs that I read and link to will now be on their own page entitled "My Favorites".  There will be blogs I love to read as well as other favorites of mine.  This page will change from time to time so be sure to check back often to see what's up.

Be Blessed

PS.  Always be sure to scroll to the bottom for the latest book choices.  They change regularly.

Latest Book Choices

Just a short blog to give you an update on the books that I am looking at for my grandchild as well as those that are going onto my wishlist for Christmas for my own personal reading pleasure and inspiration.

I hope you will take a look at some of these and that they will enrich your life and give you hope for the future while raising your children to be Godly and spirit drive.

Be Blessed

Moving On !!!!

Well, well, well, it has been quite some time since I last posted here.  Things have definitely been changing in our household.  We finally moved into our new abode.  It is still under construction so to speak.  The living area is complete for the most part and the kitchen is workable.  This home is much smaller and older than our previous home so storage is a premium and that means that at the moment there are still boxes of things that are not yet completely unpacked. 

The classroom/workroom is pretty much complete. Little Man has a new vintage desk with lots of drawers for him to put all his little treasures.  We obtained an 8 hole "cubby" for FREE where I have placed all of his folders of work for the next couple of months and some of his many books.  My work area is less than desirable yet, but still a work in progress.

My boy and his dogs
Little Man's Books and Work

Little Man's New Desk (yes, he is 6 and a bit messy)
Some Math on our new Whiteboard
Anyhoooooo, we are on our way to being settled and the boy is a bit happier.  At first he kept saying "I want to go to my own home, I don't like this one."  This new home is a bit different and took some getting used to for all of us but we are "MOVING ON".

I hope you enjoyed and I will be posting more pictures as the decorating comes to fruition for you to enjoy or critique whichever works.

Be blessed