Friday, August 16, 2013

Moving Day Getting Closer

Our move date has now been set for September 1st.  I had so hoped to be up and running before then.  So our actual homeschool time will not start until a day or so after the move.  However, we have been doing a few things to keep little man in the groove.  For an art lesson, we did some color scheme work.  He was allowed to choose the wall color for his bedroom and the classroom.  Here are the colors that he chose.

Celery Ice for Large playroom closet
Pale Sky for upper 2/3 of walls

Green Grass for lower 1/3 of walls
Shark Attach wallpaper border. hmm
Right, I get it, I could do without the sharks on a sky blue and green grass wall, however, this child is obsessed with sharks and has been for a couple years now, so not only will we incorporate this into his room decor, but we also incorporate it into his studies.  So we have lots of shark toys that we use as math manipulative's and we do a lot of shark vocabulary and sentence structure lessons as well as geography and science lessons.  It is what works for him.  Personally, I think he did a great job of choosing his colors for his room.

He also chose our accent wall color for the living room and I absolutely love it
Chianti for an accent wall 
Bonnie Cream Living room with Chianti accent
He also chose his classroom color, which I will reveal when I show the photos in a couple weeks once all is set up and ready to show.  I am hoping that I have an epiphany on some additional storage solutions in the meantime. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the culmination of the color lesson of little man.  He really enjoyed choosing and now is looking forward to s a bit of painting as well.

Have a great weekend.
Be blessed

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