Friday, August 16, 2013

Moving Day Getting Closer

Our move date has now been set for September 1st.  I had so hoped to be up and running before then.  So our actual homeschool time will not start until a day or so after the move.  However, we have been doing a few things to keep little man in the groove.  For an art lesson, we did some color scheme work.  He was allowed to choose the wall color for his bedroom and the classroom.  Here are the colors that he chose.

Celery Ice for Large playroom closet
Pale Sky for upper 2/3 of walls

Green Grass for lower 1/3 of walls
Shark Attach wallpaper border. hmm
Right, I get it, I could do without the sharks on a sky blue and green grass wall, however, this child is obsessed with sharks and has been for a couple years now, so not only will we incorporate this into his room decor, but we also incorporate it into his studies.  So we have lots of shark toys that we use as math manipulative's and we do a lot of shark vocabulary and sentence structure lessons as well as geography and science lessons.  It is what works for him.  Personally, I think he did a great job of choosing his colors for his room.

He also chose our accent wall color for the living room and I absolutely love it
Chianti for an accent wall 
Bonnie Cream Living room with Chianti accent
He also chose his classroom color, which I will reveal when I show the photos in a couple weeks once all is set up and ready to show.  I am hoping that I have an epiphany on some additional storage solutions in the meantime. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the culmination of the color lesson of little man.  He really enjoyed choosing and now is looking forward to s a bit of painting as well.

Have a great weekend.
Be blessed

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reaching Limits

How many times have you reached your limit.  Listening to the kids bicker and squabble, putting up with the inconsiderate people in the grocery store, and sometimes just the general ugliness in the world around us. You know the general everyday occurrences that grate on our nerves some days til we think we just can't stand one more thing.

Well here is my story and my most recent limit.  We found out our rental house which is in foreclosure proceedings is now going to be auctioned next week.  We have been searching for a home we could afford that would allow us the space we need.  A home that I managed as a Realtor up until about a year ago seemed to be available as the owner notified me that the tenant was not paying his rent on time and was I interested in the home.  Yes I am interested in the home I tell him, and we start to figure out exactly how much money we will need to do this.  Point of fact here is that I now have no income, so we try to manage on my daughters income which is part time employment.  She has also been searching for a second job with not much luck.  Fortunately she has an interview in a week or so that looks really promising.  I would ask you for your prayers for her success.

We start sorting, you know the usual, Throw Away, Donate, Keep, Yard Sale baskets.  Then get a call, tenant paid his rent, so house is not available, back to the drawing board, stop the sorting for now. Two months later an email arrives, tenant has not paid rent in 2 months, evict him.  I can't, I am no longer a Realtor, so I find someone to do it for him, right?  Wrong, don't want to spend that much money on eviction if I can get him to move on his own.  I now explain to him that this guy is a con artist and he needs to be careful of how he handles him.  OK.  Picked up a document from the tenant indicating he would be out of the house on August 1 and would make some needed repairs due to damage to home.  That's cool right?  Wrong.

Now it is August 4th and tenant is still not out of the house, plus I find that he has scheduled his utilities and cable, etc to be disconnected closer to the 15th than to his agreed upon 1st.  What's up with that?  Notified owner, and at his request have made 4 separate trips to this home in 2 days to get this guy out of the house.  Owner pushing us to move in by the 15th and we have to paint the entire interior of the house, complete the repairs the tenant has not completed and do the ones he did not even start in 9 days.  PLUS, PLUS, he has agreed to allow the tenant to put his belongings in a shed on the property.  Right?

I AM NOW AT MY LIMIT, the breaking point.  I have purchased over $200 in paint and still have other materials to buy which the owner will reimburse or deduct, but this is not the point, now have money tied up in these materials and can't get into the house to do the work, YET the owner wants me to guarantee him that we will move in by August 15 so he does not lose another months rent.  Yep, beyond breaking point.

So how to handle this break. Well first my personality is to get right down to the nitty gritty with the tenant and tell him what is what.  Get out or face eviction immediately.  But I pray for another answer.  I do not pray for patience because usually God will test me on my patience and I don't usually do very well on the test, though I diligently try.  I pray for calmness, grace and the ability to try to respond to this person with God's love.  God is so good, I have remained calm, gracious to the tenant and even patient.  Yes, God is awesome like that.

But still pushing my limit here.  I go again today to hopefully walk into an empty house that I can start to paint.  I did however, put my foot down with the owner and let him know that I will absolutely not move into the home until this guy has removed all of his belongings from the property.  I will not live in the home as long as he is coming back to this shed to get this or that or whatever.  Owner tried to push back a little by saying but you said you needed it as soon as possible.  Right I did say that and I do, but enough is enough and this is where I drew the line.

Thankfully, God has apparently been working on his heart as well, because I got a text today letting me know that he could not push me and wanted me to have the time to do what needed to be done in the home to make is nice and for it to be safe for my family.  Thank you God for your watchful eye and for knowing me better than I know myself.

What is your limit?  How do you handle that breaking point?

Be blessed

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Changing Blog Name

We have struggled to make this decision, however we want to let everyone know that we are changing the name of our blog from the current "MimisThisnThat" to our new name "StepsInFaith"

We have been searching for a name for our homeschool for awhile.  We are not required to have a name but we thought that it would be a good thing to do and especially for later on when it may need to be on documentation for higher education or other types of activities that 'little man' may want to do. So after many trials within our home, we decided on "Steps In Faith"  We asked 'little man' his opinion of several things and when we decided on this name, we asked him about it and he was all smiles and excitedly, say "Yes, that's the one, because it means we believe in God."  So Steps In Faith" it is.

This name was chosen mainly because homeschooling was and is a true step in faith for us.  When we began back in late November 2012, we had no clue what we were doing, how to do it or if we were doing it right.  Well let me tell you, we did not know what we were doing and we were not doing it right, but it is a walk for us, and we learn as we go and change as we go along.  Some days are really really good and others are not.  No days are as bad as they used to be in the beginning.  There are not as many angry outbursts or downright refusals because we have learned to do things a bit differently and yes we still do some typical "school' but mostly, NOT.

I will not be changing my facebook page, it will continue under the name Mimisthisnthat mainly because, well I am Mimi and it is a page of this 'n that from all sorts of people and all sorts of information.  I would love it if you would 'like' my page and hope you find some useful information there, also please feel free to post there as well anything that you would like for others to see.  I believe you can continue to find me as Pam Andrews on Goggle+.

We know that our steps are ordered by God and we strive to always seek His direction.  Our faith is not always as strong as it should be, but we realize that we are a work in progress, so we became


I hope that you will continue to follow my blog as I try to follow where God leads me and hopefully my blogging will get better and better over time.  I am more firm in my belief now than ever before that homeschooling is the steps that God has ordered for us and more importantly for me and my grandson and I hope that our journey will help someone else out there who may be struggling with their walk or their steps as well.

Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment on anything you would like to see in my blog for the upcoming school year.  I try to post great ideas and if you would like to be a guest blogger, by all means email me and let's talk.

May God Bless You All.