Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Approaching Moving Day

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This week has been full of sorting, tossing and packing.  Yes, we are finally getting ready to move even though we don't yet know exactly what the move date is.  It is very frustrating to know that something is going to happen and preparation must continue toward that end, yet not have a definitive date to accomplish the feat.  Oh, well, Lord God is the leader of this household and His timing is always perfect.

Meanwhile, as we prepare for this move, little man has begun to fret just a bit over it.  His comment is "Mimi, things just keep disappearing."  Yes, they do.  But as I explain to him they are only disappearing into the boxes that will be moved to the new home.  I have described his new bedroom and his closet.  Why his closet?  Well because it is big enough to be a small playroom as well.  Since his indoor play is usually just a circle around him that is within arms reach, this closet allows him that space as well as space for his over sized toy box.  This also will give him much more space in his bedroom for bookshelves for his beloved books as well as a small table with lamp and sitting chair for reading time, with room left over.  He is now more excited even while being a little bit anxious.

So here are a couple of tips for moving with little ones.

1.  Make sure to describe in detail what their new room looks like, draw it out if you can and then include them in the planning of where their things will go and the color their room will be.  Little man's room has chair railing around the room so he has chosen green for the bottom and sky blue for the top portion and has asked me to paint clouds and birds in the sky.  At first his choice was as most little ones, more of a primary green, we have shown him all the shades of green available to him and he has settled on more of a muted grass green.  I think this is going to be perfect for him.  Green is a peaceful color and with the brightness of his blue sky, he will feel very at home in this room.

2.  Make a play date away from the hustle of moving on moving day.  We have asked a family friend to keep little man at her house the day of our move.  He loves being with her and his little friend lives just down the street from her so he will be very happy for the day.

3.  Set up the child's room (and playroom, if separate) first.  Get it done according to all the things you and your little one have already talked about, but leave a few little things for him to do for himself.  For us this is putting his books on his shelf and deciding where his reading area will be.

4.  Living area should be set up second.  With that done, when the little one arrives home he immediately feels the comfort of familiar things as soon as he walks through the door.  Once that is accomplished, you can move on.

After you have made sure that little ones will be comfortable and have some familiar things to see and touch, you can move on to the rest of the house. Moving does not have to be traumatic for children, even though change is sometimes difficult for them and there will be some things that need to be adjusted, let your child help you plan out the details of their room and even the living area.  After all, they live there too.

I will post pictures throughout the next couple of weeks of our move and the new set up.  I hope you enjoyed this post and I appreciate your supporting my efforts.

I have also placed some items that you might want to check out for your children's reading pleasure below.

Be blessed

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