Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I had such awesome new yesterday. Being vindicated and affirmed is so sweet sometimes. This post is not to in anyway spout on about my grandson and what he is capable of, but to show just one more reason why public schools and many of their teachers need to be taken to task for what they do and their behavior which they call education.

Now I have to warn you that this may break the rules for optimum blog length, but I just have to get this out there so that others who have experienced this realize when they have doubts about homeschooling, HEY, YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING.

I homeschool my 5 year old grandson so that my daughter can work.  We pulled him from public school in late November because we felt he was being mistreated, and the guidance from the school was that he had behavioral problems, meeting after meeting after meeting, they would tell us that he needed socialization skills.  yeah right.  This is the most loving child,has the biggest heart you would ever find and  loves being around people, playing with other kids. Just loves people.

As I said, there have been multiple meetings, multiple psychological testing, vision, hearing etc testing by the public school prior to his being removed from their tutelage. So now they asked for a meeting with the Head of the program for gifted student education (Steve).

Steve:  I have read the reports and let me just say, it is apparent that your son is brilliant, no question. What we want to do is provide him with the best solution for his education that is possible.
Daughter:  That's fine, but we have already accomplished that.
Steve:  Oh, I understand that you are homeschooling him, is that really the best solution?
Daughter:  I think so,
Steve:  What level work has he accomplished since being homeschooled now for 5 months?
Daughter: Well, let's see, he is reading at 7th grade level but still really enjoys 2nd and 3rd grade level reading as well, 3rd math, 2nd-3rd language arts, and various levels of other subject depending on what he is interested. etc. etc. etc.
Steve: Would you consider placing him back in PS but in higher grade level?
Daughter:  emphatically NO
Steve:  Why is that?
Daughter, Because he is still only 5 years old.  Older kids think he is a baby and treat him as such.

Anyway it went on an on like that for a bit and then the teacher that he had while in PS was there and she said, "may I say something?"

Teacher:  I have to admit, that the issues with Jaeden was my fault.
Teacher:  Yes, I did not know how what to do with him or how to give him what he needed so I just pushed him aside and basically ignored him. I had decided that he was just too hard to handle and since he was not interested in doing the work I handed out, he obviously did not really belong in that class.
Daughter:  You do understand that you broke my child, you broke his spirit, he loved you and was so excited to learn when he came to you and and after only 4 months with you we struggle to help him regain that excitement and to help him understand that it was NOT HIS FAULT.
Steve:  Have the aggression issues been addressed?
Daughter:  Let me ask you this, if you were ignored, wouldn't you be angry, if you were pushed aside, wouldn't you be resentful, if you were separated from others wouldn't you be aggressive?
Steve: I suppose so but aggression is different.
Daughter:  Not when the child is physically separated from the entire classroom and ignored.  (This teacher had moved Jaeden's desk away from everyone in the class and made him sit alone.)  This only made the other students feel that there was something wrong with him and then they also treated him differently.

(He always played alone at recess, no one ever spoke to him at lunch.  This is a horrible way for a child to go to school everyday.)

Daughter: This meeting is over, (looking at the teacher who is now silently shedding tears) and you ma'am should be reprimanded, have cameras placed in your classroom,  re-educated and possibly removed from teaching.

I was so proud of my daughter.  I know this sounds a bit terse and possibly even hateful.  But this is what is happening in our public school system.  My grandson would never tell us what went on in his day.  We would ask, "how was your day" his response was always "fine" until the teacher started requesting that we get him medicated and when we did that albeit hesitantly, she said it is not working he needs more medication.  Trust me he did not need more medication.  The little that he is/was on turned him into a zombie like child for about 3 hours and then it was back to the same hyperactive, inattentive little boy who likes to rip and rear around the house and run like he is being chased when he is outdoors.

We did not then and do not now want a zombie child, have gone to homeopathic solutions as well as just letting him be.  We teach when he wants to learn, what he wants to learn and he is fine, he is happy and he gets to play with others when he wants to and when he does not he can simply say, no, I don't want to go, which by the way he never does.

So folks, pay attention to your children, even when they tell you everything is fine, if the grades don't look right to you for the child, start questioning everyone who will listen, if they don't, then pull them out.  It does not take a lot of money to homeschool and it does not take a lot of time.  I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day 3 days a week working with Jaeden and he is excelling and he gets to do Bible Study which is of course not allowed in the public school setting.   The absolute, most important aspect to homeschooling this child is HE IS HAPPY!!!!!!!!!.

Thank you for sticking with this post and I hope that it has inspired you to perhaps show a friend who is having trouble with their children in public school or the teachers and adminisstrators of the public school or your own if you are not already homeschooling.

What we are doing was affirmed the moment that teacher admitted that it was HER FAULT.

In Christ's name I pray that this may never happen to another child in any school anywhere in the world.

Be Blessed

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