Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day

Well here we are and Mother's day is done.  It was a special day.  I did not receive a mushy, lovey card.  I did not give one either.  My grandson was a bit unruly most of the week so we did not get to his art for his mother (my daughter).  We did get the sunflowers transplanted this week and then yesterday early in the am we took two of them and re-transplanted them into a beautiful teapot I had picked up at the thrift store for him to give to my BFF which we include as part of our family.

HOWEVER, my day was wonderful.  I could not have asked for more.  My daughter also says the same thing, she was shown something in her son, my grandson yesterday that we will never ever forget.

My BFF's mother in law is in a nursing home with stage 6-7 or Alzheimer's.  For the most part she does not remember anyone and rarely anything current as is the way with this horrible disease.

We walked in and "little man" walked up to her, she looked at him,and said "Oh, my God, it is my "little bit boy".  She has always called him this as she has a lot of trouble with names.  She is Hungarian and though she has been in this country for over 30 years does not speak or understand English very well, though at times she used to really try.  I have always been either "Nancy's friend" or "Pan or Pat" never Pam.

Little man reached over and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek.  Now remember, my little man is extremely ADHD, however, yesterday, he played Jynga and Go Fish with her, very quietly and very patiently.  She of course does not know how to play these anymore, if she ever did.  He would gently place his hand on her shoulder and just quietly say, "it's okay grandma, just take your time, it's okay."

We spent a couple of hours there and he played with her the whole time, no running around, no screeching at the top of his little lungs.  He pushed her around in her wheel chair, showing her things all around her, took her to the living area and they watched a cooking show on TV for a few minutes as he explained to her how to measure and make sure not to stir too quickly so that you don't stir it out of the pan and make a mess.

My girlfriend, my daughter and myself sat and just watched in amazement for the entire 2 hours as he handled her with gentleness, grace and calmness.  We have always known that he has a huge heart for others but yesterday the "proof was in the puddin" as they say.

Then we went to lunch and back to my friends home where he gave her the sunflowers and explained what she must to with them to make sure they grew tall and strong.  We played, had some mother's day cupcakes and coffee and in general had a wonderful evening.

This morning, I wanted to tell him how proud I was of him yesterday and then he just made it all worthwhile.

He said to me. "Mimi, you know, God told me, ya know, in my heart, that I had to be careful with grandma, ya know, cause she is a lil' bit, ya know, old and ya know, almost ready to go home."

I thought I would bust, I wanted to cry so bad but I did not want him to think that this made me sad, so I just hugged him for all he was worth and squeezed him until he said, "Mimi, geez, can you let a guy go?"

That is my story for Mother's day and for me it was one, if not the best day I have ever had.

Thank you God, for the blessing of this little boy that you have placed in our care.  What an awesome God.

Be blessed

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