Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Changing It Up

Ok, here we go.  I tell you, I spend so much time on this computer.  I read each and every blog on homeschooling that I can find and discard those that do not seem to apply to me, no offense intended but I don't feel that I am using my time wisely if I am reading something that is not God driven.  There are many that I do read each and everyday and I have them come to my email so that I don't miss them.  I have learned so much from other moms that it is unbelievable that I even managed to raise my own two children to the ripe old age of 30 and 31. So now I am the 'mimi' to my 5 year old grandson as many of you know already and I do the homeschooling so I am sort of the ''sit in mom" here.

When we first started homeschooling, I did it all wrong.  I was schooling him.  Now don't get me wrong this child went through worksheets at the rate of 15-20 a day and we only did school for about half a day. So he sped right along and that was all in a month.  Then we took a Christmas break.  That was it, he stopped.  He almost came to a dead stop.  He has done some, he has progressed, but it has been a horrible, no good, very bad time for both of us.  Lot's of yelling, lots of screaming in frustration and that is just me.  He is hating me, wanting me to leave, wanting not to be stuck at home with me and a myriad of other little terms of endearment that he has stored up for me.

So I started backing off. I would only give him a couple things to do each day and I always have to sit right beside him and then it was taking nearly 3/4 of the day to do 25% of what we had been doing.  Imagine my frustration level, but I am trying to hold on.  I don't want the screaming and yelling and I can't stand it when he says "I hate you".  Then last week my daughter and I decided that we would do only devotion, Bible study and Art.  I can't do much with music until I can get an instrument and some lessons.  I don't want to teach music without the music I want him to have some reference of the music by the hands on lessons. We do listen to music because he loves to dance.  Anyway.

That did not work either.  He was great on Sunday, if you read my earlier post about Mothers Day and then on Monday, we did devotion for almost 2 hours only because his interest level remained high and he continued to ask questions, so I kept going.  I broke for lunch and then there was no art.  So now it is devotion is the Bible study but with a couple added prayers.

Today nothing.  What I got was "I'm not doing that, it is just a book and I am not reading."  Meanwhile he is sitting on the couch reading non-fiction books about sharks, National Geographics, doing Mazes, a little about plants.  So I say, ok at least he is reading.  So I asked him to come and read his Spanish words for the last 2 weeks plus this week to me.  He did, we had a small greeting, you know "Hi!" "How are you?" in Spanish, that sort of thing.  Then I said ok let's do just one math problem on the board, just a practice.  Nope, nada, not having it.

I know what part of the problem is.  He was very excited to learn when he started school, became bored, was pushed aside and he then became a behavior problem which they just wanted medicated, which we did unfortunately.  Now to my dismay, I believe we did the wrong thing.  He is probably not ADHD, just gifted.  I continue reading. I have I think 10 browsers open as I write this post.

Now I think I have an idea from my reading.  We are going to the park tomorrow and I am going to try something that I read worked for another mom at the suggestion of her own child.  Multiplication to the swing.  I proposed this to "little man" and he seems excited about it.  We are also going to spell on the slide.  He slides down and spells a word before he can go back up again.  We shall see, I will report back and let you all know how this works.  It seems he needs to move to learn and the other thing is that I need to reduce the stress both for him and for me in order for the information that I give him to get to the right portion of his brain.  Who knew?  Certainly not me but I am learning.  And that is okay so long as he is happy and reaching toward his potential.  If it does not work then I will try something else.

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