Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teaching in the Moment

Today I had a unique opportunity to teach my grandson a bit of a lesson on healthy eating.  You see it was a bit past time for lunch when we arrived back home from Karate class today, so I proceeded to prepare him a turkey/cheese sandwich.  I was looking in the fridge for something to accompany his sandwich when I happened to see the small container of blueberries I had purchased while shopping a day or so ago.  I bought these for several reasons, the least of which being that I like them myself, but more because I knew that my grandson had eaten them a couple of years ago just prior to his very picky eating stage and wanted to try them on him again.  So I decided today was the trial.

I put a few of them in a small ramekin for him, he ate his sandwich but course he began to explain to me that he does not like blueberries.  I tried the coaxing and the 'no snack later if you don't methods to no avail. Then I explained to him the benefits of the blueberries to his health and said let's pull it up on the computer for him to see.  He put his brand new glasses on and proceeded to read the information.  He still said, "but I still don't like them."  So, I am thinking and pondering what other methods might work since telling he did not know whether he liked them or not until he tried was also not working.

I decided to click on a YouTube video of 'children with cancer".  I know this may seem a bit strong/harsh for a 5 year old to see but it was a well done video and I explained as we went along and there was some informational text throughout the video as well which he read willingly.  This particular video also gave good information on the different types of cancers than most often affect children, how many children are affected and how many die from cancer.  He was very interested in this information and watching the children and how they coped with the illness that had befallen them. During the video I suggested that maybe I could just toss the blueberries into his mouth to see if he could catch them and he agreed.  Yay!!!.  So I popped 2 or 3 at a time into his mouth and he ate them, with a bit of a grimace but ate the all the same.  Then came the end of the video and the "In Loving Memory of" and a list of names.  A lot of names.  He asked me who all those people were as he read aloud for himself all the names he saw and became very quiet and contemplative when I told him that the names belonged to the children he had just seen on the video.  he looked at me and said "Mimi, they died?"  He then ate the rest of his blueberries and told me that he would eat some more at another time.  So tomorrow for breakfast we are having oatmeal with blueberries, apples, cinnamon and a little brown sugar, at his request.

Now you know that at the end of a video on YouTube, there are little blocks with photos and titles for other videos similar in nature.  Well what was most surprising to me was that he asked to watch several more of them, some were children telling their own story, one was a father's words to his child who passed with photos of he and his child as well as several describing in photos and short written narrations of the journey of a child through this difficult time in their lives and their survival.

He enjoyed these videos and though the lesson may have seemed a bit harsh, it was a lesson learned and led to more discoveries as he asked to see what other fruits and vegetables had for our bodies.  He is even now doing just a bit of research with my help all the benefits of herbs and spices to our health.

So all in all, I would say that this was a good day even though it was not traditional learning, my grandson learned a valuable lesson about nutrition and healthy eating.  But he also learned that God will not give us more than we are able to handle. It strengthened his faith and his hope in the Lord.  For this I am grateful and I will continue to try to provide this type of learning for my grandson.

This was my day, how was yours?

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