Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Something Everyday

There is something that I tell my grandson many times over and that is that we must learn something everyday.  If we fail to learn at least one thing everyday, it seems like a wasted opportunity.

I don't believe that God wants us to lose any opportunities at all.  He places those in our path for us to use for His glory.  Therefore, I try diligently to learn at least one thing everyday and encourage my daughter and grandson to so as well. I wish I could also encourage my son and his wife and her child, but alas, God has not yet healed that relationship, so I wait on God.

One truly  big thing I am still learning is this thing I call my homeschool journey.  It has changed, I have changed, my grandson has changed and we continue to do so on a daily basis.  I of course, came from the perspective that one is taught a subject in steps and each step of the way there was always some form of written classwork and additional homework.  Repetition was the key and our interests were NEVER taken into consideration.  Well suffice it to say that I was a bit of a handful in school 'back in the day".  However, as I look back on some of those days, I realize that I was taught a lot of information that I just simply do not remember and have not had any use for in my entire life.  I think that if I had been taught these things as they might apply to the things I had an interest in, I might have remembered them.

So one thing I am learning is to NOT TEACH.  I am trying to reteach myself some things but also to teach myself that I can not teach my grandson.  I must show him the how of the basics and then show him how they can be applied to those things that he has a true interest in.  Now for my grandson, interests are quickly visited and quickly left by the wayside.  There are a few that began and have continued from the time he was about 2 such as ocean life.  Oh no, not just any ocean life, it must the be the biggest ocean life he can find.  It started with sharks and that interest continues even now, but he has also moved on, we have studied Orcas this week with some reading and some Orca Activity Sheets and he relates it back to his knowledge of sharks.  We have also signed up on a site for Orca Sightings.  We will get emails of all the sightings and then we can track on our map their locations and how they move around since they don't migrate as many people seem to believe that they do. Did you know that?

Have you thought of giving your children who are learning to read, informational books.  Some children like my little man don't particularly like to read storybooks.  Jaeden says, "It is not important to read storybooks, they are fake."  Out of the mouths of babes.  He has preferred non-fiction since he began reading on his own nearly two years ago.  His stories come at bedtime when either his mother or I read to him.  Or sometimes he just wants me to tel him a story.  It started out with stories of my life as a child and has ended up with stories that I make up but that could easily be real.  He loves those.  I am starting to try to remember them all and get them into writing.

The best learning times for me are when Jaeden is reading a book and I hear multiple "mimi, did you know?"
I then know that he is 1) reading it in its entirety and 2) that he is retaining that information.  He has become a plethora of useless information; or is it?

Today we also studied Proverb 22.  At first he fought me on it but then with a little redirection, some attitude adjustments and a bit of ignoring his outburst at me, he picked up his Bible and read the entire chapter and now he is watching a Bible DVD which has a lot of music on it but also teaches many of the stories of the Bible and hooooray, he after 2 view of the video has memorized many of the songs.

Well, it's back to the stove for me.  Dinner is cooking and daughter will be home in a couple of hours from work and we can dine and then hopefully go for a bit of a short walk.

Have a blessed day.


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