Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our ADHD Problems Seem to Be History

I have to tell you that with my ADHD grandson, we have been pulling our hair out trying to figure out ways to keep him calm, keep him focused.  We did go the traditional medication route, but we were not happy with it.  It only worked for about 3 hours and the doctor would only say, well give him another in the afternoon.  With no health insurance this was just not something we could afford, this medication not only is not the best solution but it is very expensive.  So a searching I did go.

I found a site for a company called Native Remedies.  I already knew that we were interested in a homeopathic remedy if at all possible.  If not, then it would be the park everyday for a few hours letting him run til he could not run anymore then come home and struggle to get through the math, science, etc.  You get the picture.  Well this may have been the find of the century and many of you may already know about it, but I have to tell you, we put off ordering any of the items there for quite sometime and finally, I said, "we have to do this."  So we got our order this week  A product called Bright Spark.  I had read the reviews (all of them).  Many raved about the product, some did not, some returned their product for a refund and some just gave up I guess.

The hard part is the first day, there have to be 6 doses, 1 per hour for 6 hours and you are done for the day.  Well the change in medication and the amount did a number on Jaeden's stomach, but he handled it well.  The second day, he did ok, no stomach issues at all and he was calmer, not by much, but some.

Oh, did I mention it is recommended that it be given on an empty stomach.  Well the first day that was not hard as he still had his traditional meds in him, and on that medication, he simply did not eat at all til the meds wore off.  I am sure some of you have seen this with your own children. Well we have now finished our third day and I am going to have to go the grocery store.

He is calmer, he is not as aggressive, he does not make all the noises he used to make just out of the blue.  Now he does still make some noise, he is a boy after all, but the constant barrage of just random noises and screeching and squealing seem to have dissipated,  AND, HE EATS.  Today, I thought I was going to have to lock the pantry.  I fixed him breakfast, sausage gravy and biscuits.  His lunch was a ham sandwich and a cup of grapes.  In between breakfast and lunch he had a brownie made with spinach and carrots added.  His afternoon snack was half of a huge apple.  For dinner he had 10, count them, 10 fish sticks, a cup of glazed carrots, a brownie and for snack he had half of a Snicker bar.  After each time he ate, within about 10 minutes he was telling me he was hungry, so I made him lemon water with Splenda, several of them.  He drank, I think, 8, 8oz bottles of water.

Can we say happy, AND, he did not do laps back and forth in the living room for 10 minutes, stop for a few and do it again.  I am so happy.  If you have an issue with ADHD, first, of course, talk to your doctor, but if you want a homeopathic remedy that has worked for us, at least so far, then by all means check out Native Remedies for Bright Spark.

We also ordered their Focus Formula, but have not added that because we wanted to be able to tell if there was any difference on one before we added the second.  I think we will be adding it to his regime at least for the hours that he needs to focus for math, etc.  But I could not be happier.  If this progress continues, we will be one happy family.

By the way, I am not being paid for this in any way whatsoever, I just wanted anyone out there who deals with ADHD to have this information and the knowledge to know that we tried it and it is working for us.

I have added a couple buttons on the right of the page of some other places to go for freebies and what-nots.

Be Blessed

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