Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Tips Today but a Cry for Help!!

I know that I promised tips and links but today, I really need to ask for help from anyone who has been through this.  My grandson is extremely gifted but also extremely ADHD.

I have been wracking my brain for the last few months trying to get a handle on homeschooling my grandson.  He is extremely gifted and finding the appropriate level for him is difficult at best.  He has been reading since he was probably about 3 1/2 years old to some degree.  Well his reading is, of course much better now and gets better everyday.  He struggles with math.  Not the concepts nor does he lack ability, that is not it, he just does not like it.  He hates to write anything. 

I have tried to get him to write his answers on the computer as well as do a blog.  He was interested in the blog at first and of course it was going to be private and links sent to only trusted individuals to review and comment on for him to see what others think of his progress. Nope, tried it once, became very frustrated with the amount of time it took him due to lack of knowledge about where the keys were to spell his words, to the point that now he has this blog set up at his own direction and he won't use it unless I agree to do the typing for him when he tells me what he wants to say.  That would be fine, except that there is no teaching value to it as there won't be anyway to show him possible grammatical errors, spelling errors or just plain progression of complex sentences.  Well now, his table work I call it, worksheets and that sort of thing is either a struggle and loads of frustration on both parts or he gives me the answers and I write it for him.  Of course, I always try to make him spell his own words.  For him, this takes too long, he gets frustrated.

So, I decided to give him some assessments and found through a facebook group of homeschoolers that I belong to several for reading.  None of which really gave me much insight into his comprehension.  However, he has taken 4 of them, 2 of which were very informally given to him.  On one, according to the scoring method instruction indicates that he is at 7th grade 9th month reading level.  Another one gives a mean score and of course a low and high score, none of which go above about the 3rd grade level and does not seem to accomodate his level of reading and/or phonetic abilities.  Then there were two other very informally given, just something I saw on the computer and asked him to read the words til he made a mistake, both of these place him at the high end of the 4th grade level for reading.

Then there is the math that he hates.  He can do it.  He can do 3 column addition and subtraction with regrouping.  He can also add and subtract simple common denominator fractions, addition of columns of figures, count money and most of the time can give change for small amounts like change back from a $1. or $5, tell time, simple graphs.  But he will not even try to learn multiplication no matter how I present it.

So my questions are these. 

1.  How do I get him invested in his learning?
2.  Do I really need to know what his reading level is?
3.  Should I be assessing his math skills?

I know that he is better off being homeschooled than public school, that was a disaster, but I also need to know that he is really learning.

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