Friday, April 26, 2013

Feeling Frazzled

It seems that feeling frazzled is a way of life for me anymore.  I generally like to give Jaeden Friday off from most of the work that we do.  This week was a bit different, I had given him Wednesday to spend the time with his mother as she was off that day and then yesterday, we spent most of the day getting some things done around the house, grocery shopping and stuff like that.  Now he did get a smidgen of learning in on the grocery shopping but not much since it was a sort of marathon trip with little time to actually have him do too much.  Today however, I tried a new program that a teacher in the gifted programs here in our area suggested to my daughter.  It is called ScootPad and it is a very simple online program to use.  You can start at whatever level you choose and choose the concepts you want included.  There is a free 30 day trial where the child can be assigned practices for his concepts in Math, Reading and Spelling.  They can earn coins for each level of work or assignment that they do.  Bonus coins are awarded for getting all answers correct.  You can purchase this for only $3.99 per month which is a really good deal.

However, Jaeden was in a mood today and it did not help that I was having much difficulty with my vision.  Apparently I scratched one of my eyes during my sleep and it was pouring water and swollen so everything was a bit slower.  But his attitude today left much to be desired.  Everything was just 'dumb' old work or this is just 'stupid'.  So it took much longer to get through it.  His attitude also got to the point of warranting the dreaded spanking and even that did not stop him today.  So he lost the ability to get to see his uncle on Sunday which is the first time since he was about a year old.  My son has been in the military so gone from this area for a long while.  He was very upset.

But it is more than that.  He just does not want to or is not willing to do anything at all today that is requested of him.  I have no clue what is going on inside that speedy little brain of his.  He did not want to practice his karate for his testing tomorrow.  So we have finally, just taken the visit with the uncle away, taken away his TV time for the evening and now he sits on the couch pretend playing, talking to his pretend superheros and in general just ignoring everything around him.

What do you do when this happens to you?  I would love some suggestions.  It does not help that it causes us to lose patience with him.  We are praying about that one.  It did not not help that his mother was willing to do this work with him rather than me who is usually the one leading the study time.  Nothing.  So what do you do, let it go, give in.  There is only so much punishment or corrective action that can be taken.  I did give him Bible story book to read, he refused, I gave him his Bible, he refused.

HELP!!! Suggestions are needed here and I would greatly appreciate and try most anything at this point to prevent these type of days from happening.  I am just lost with this one.

Thank you for listening.

Be Blessed


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