Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Few Places to Look

On this post I will post a few of the links that I have found useful in my beginning stages of the homeschool journey.  Some I continue to use and others I don't use as much anymore, but all are useful and most are full of free information and worksheets for practice or testing.  A couple even have the ability to create your own worksheets and spelling lists.

This is a link that I found just today and though I am not all that familiar with Lexile Measurments for Reading, I am reading and learning but through The Lexile Framework for Reading I was able to get a good idea of Jaedens reading level.  Once you are there scroll down just a bit and you can click on Learn More on the right side where you see "Find a Book".  Watch as this does change back and forth between Lexile Measurements and Quantile Measurements and the page changes with it.  This link will take you to a place where if you know your what your child's Lexile measurement is you can simply enter the figure and then submit or if not you can select the grade your child is currently working in and click to answer one of about 3 questions; mine was I think "I find the books at school to easy".  Click on submit again and you will be taken to a page where you can click on all of your child's interests, click submit again and you will be given a list of books that you want to have your child read.  This is cool because next to every book is a small icon for locating the book in a library, or amazon.com or to even purchase on the Internet.  I have found many books that Jaeden will love to read at our local library through this list.  This site has over 140,000 books in its list all designed to accommodate the Lexile measurement for your child.  These measurements do follow the core curriculum being instituted and while I am not in favor of this core curriculum and is also why Jaeden will not go back to public school, it does give a wide selection of reading material for your children.  I hope you find something they will enjoy here.

One site I found helpful, at least in the beginning is  School Express  where you will find over 17,000 free worksheets as well as the ability to create your own worksheets and it's all free or your can pay a fee for broader access.  Another is TLS Books.  It is all free worksheets and it is divided in to grade level and there are tons of worksheets there to choose from.  You can get an entire grade level of math, language arts, science, etc.  Take a look and see what you think.

I also found the following very helpful as well and I continue to search and find every single day.  All of my homeschooling materials thus far have been free.  The only things I purchase are the occasional books that I can't find in the library or if it is a book that he really enjoys that we found at the library, I will buy it for his personal collection.


This is just a few to get you started.  Check back often and there will be more.

Thank you for reading and be sure to let me know of things you are interested in finding.  I have a lot of resources.

Be Blessed

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